Church History

History of Our Church

Hope U.C.C. was established in 1868 by immigrants of different backgrounds that were moving across the Americas. With shared dreams, ideals, and motivations, they left the confines of Europe to pursue a new life in the land of the free. They came to America with few belongings, but most importantly, they came with their faith of God and their traditions.


In the first years, being without a pastor or a church the settlers offered their home to be used as a sanctuary on the Lord's Day. Here they sang hymns and heard the Scriptures in their native languages.


As the roots of the people became planted and the dedication to the religious heritage grew, plans were formulated to establish a church building. This goal was realized in 1874 when turning a former one-room school into their place of worship. In 1903, because of the long journey to cross the river, a church was built on its present location, better known as "The Church in the Pines."

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